BEAUTY BAR: Sophisticated Smokey Eye

May 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

Spring has arrived on campus, but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your favorite neutral hues. This Fashionista is glowing in her cream kimono cardigan with floral accents. She pairs the kimono with a mock neck, cut out tank. This tank is unique with its feminine lace details around the neck and keyhole cut out.

Creating the perfect daytime smokey eye may seem like a challenge, but this Fashionista has mastered the technique. The key to a daytime look is to use subtle neutral tones on the eyelids.

To start your smokey eye first apply an eye shadow primer, so your look will last longer. After primer, apply a layer of light shadow. This base color will help the others blend much easier. Next, use a brown in your eye crease, as this will add definition to your eyes. These two colors in the smokey eye are essential in creating a layered, flawless look. After adding the base colors, you can begin adding darker shadows. She used a darker brown shadow, blending it with a brush. Blending is an important step, be sure not to skip it!

To achieve this Fashionista’s beauty look, add black eye liner and mascara. For a daytime look, less is more when it comes to eyeliner. Mascara is what makes your eyelashes look full and long, so apply to your liking. A natural lip looks great with dramatic eyes, or you can use a subtle lip gloss to add some shine. This brunette also uses curls to show off her subtle ombre hair color. A wand curling iron is what created her ringlet curls, but you can also create much softer waves depending on what style you prefer. The power is truly in your hands with a wand curler!

To finish off the look, she is working some dark gray jeans with distressed details. This is a stark contrast from her floral kimono, giving the look dimension. She also added sparkle to the ensemble with layered silver, gold, and rose gold bracelets along with gold geometric earrings. Her booties feature unique belted details with a short platform heel which can easily be worn for a morning brunch, or a night out.