BEAUTY BAR: Something Fishy

After spending several years sitting behind a receptionist’s desk at a local salon, I have developed an eye for the latest hair and beauty trends. One ever-changing, yet timeless, trend is the braid. I’ve seen so many different variations of braids. This look incorporates two braid trends: fishtails and pig tails!

These loose fishtail braids are the perfect answer if you’re suffering from a bad hair day or just trying to upgrade your hair game. Not to mention, you can easily create a fishtail braid within minutes and it’s almost guaranteed to last all day.

To achieve these boho-chic fishtail braids, simply part your hair down the middle, fishtail braid each section and pull apart the braids to create the “heart shaped” look. Many women get frustrated when they can’t achieve their desired hairstyle. If you run into this problem, refer to a professional hairstylist to get a product recommendation best suitable for your hair type or to see if you’re applying the product correctly!

Braids can accentuate any ensemble. I love the way she blends natural tones with unique textures to emphasize the earthy look from head to toe. This Fashionista’s boho-chic look is accompanied by a relaxed army green button-up, lace-up booties, brass colored jewelry and a faux suede fringe bag. Check out this adorable fringe bag here!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: What you’ll need to create this look is two tiny rubber bands and a great texturizing spray. My hairstylist recommends either RUSK Texture Dry Finishing Spray or Joico Hair Shake.