BEAUTY BAR: SoCal Naturale

BEAUTY BAR: SoCal Naturale

Through brutal wind tunnels and below freezing East Coast temperatures, this campus Cali-girl conquers the cold—with the help of her San Diego spirit, some warm summer memories and a few extra layers.

This coast-to-coast Fashionista has found the perfect way to bring Cali vibes to New York, keeping her style roots and West Coast inspiration intact. Utilizing cool tones and memories of watching the rolling ocean waves, she rocks a raw, beachy-bohemian spirit all winter long.

This Fashionista nails a natural look with minimal makeup, preserving her sun-kissed skin tone throughout the winter months. With a light and thin layer of BB Cream, she brightens and smoothes her skin tone.

Although it may not be as direct as California’s, the Northeast’s sun creeps up and leaves her face with the sneakiest sunburns on bright winter days. BB Cream is super hydrating and protects with broad-spectrum SPF 30—assuring that the face is always protected from the winter sun. Her look also sports her long lashes, accentuated with a tiny bit of mascara, and curled with an eyelash curler.

Her vintage denim jacket, with an oversized appeal and a leather collar, insulates her long, black tunic long sleeve T-shirt and gray color-block scarf. The brown leather accent turns a season-neutral denim jacket into a winter staple—as the unique piece was picked up from a California thrift store.

The long, black tunic is a perfect transition piece for a warm-weather, boho style, as it mocks the nature of a light, flowy summer top. Keeping warm with some insulating leggings and a thick scarf, she layers up in the coolest way possible.

With hands decorated with weathered silver rings and wrists stacked with Alex and Ani bangles and string bracelets, she carries pieces of home with her in every outfit that she puts together. These metal accents are successfully paralleled within the buckles of her brown leather booties, featuring tiny cutouts for a classic, worn look.

So, with tousled, blonde waves and a fresh tan—thanks to a Thanksgiving break spent back home—this Fashionista directly carries the SoCal culture to the chilly Hudson Valley. Stay rad(ical, dude) as always, straight from SoCal itself, and keep the golden state of mind with you to stay warm for the next few months!