BEAUTY BAR: Snow White and The Perfect Locks

It has definitely been the year of the silver fox for the hair industry. Falling into any shade between white and gray, people like Amanda Stenberg and Nicole Richie are borrowing inspiration from the older generations to update their lovely locks. And I think we can all agree it’s totally #RAD.

Different from your expected teal or purple, the aging hair trend gives each Fashionista an air of sophistication and poise like this Fashionista, pictured here. She looks casual and cool with her snow white hair. Not only does the shade highlight her skin tone, but her subtle make-up gives her the perfect glow to show off those locks.

The key to this beauty look is all in the roots. In order to look as polished as this Fashionista, you have to watch out for those roots so that you have a seamless color. The rule of thumb is wait about two weeks in between color treatments before retouching. Of course this could vary from person to person, but the main goal is to get an amazing color while still maintaining the health of your hair.

Find your perfect aged hair look by experimenting. Use hair chalk, temporary dye or even wigs. Once you find your perfect shade, you might even put your grandma to shame.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this chic look you need the color of white or light gray that suits you best. If you have darker hair like me, you may need a bottle of hair bleach to enable you to develop the purest color possible. After following the directions on the box, you’ll be writing your own fairytale in no time.