BEAUTY BAR: Snow Day Smokey

As a child, the best part about the snow was always the possibility of a day filled with sledding, snowmen, and most importantly, no school. Once you get to college, you’re more than likely going to be found wrapped up in the comfort of blankets, pajamas, and hot chocolate in your dorm room when those snow days actually roll around. But when the last snowstorm hit, this Fashionista had another idea.

Instead of spending the day binge watching her favorite Netflix series, she took the extra time to play around with makeup and ended up creating this sultry yet subtle smokey eye that was perfect for this winter day. She smoked out her classic wing and lined her waterline in a dark blue for a twist on a classic look.The pop of glitter on her eyelids glistened just like the fresh coat of snow, which was a nice touch. Can one really go wrong when it comes to glitter, though? She finished off the classic look with a bold lip in order to tie it all together. To recreate this twist on a classic, try using gel eyeliner or eyeshadow for your wing so that it is easier to smoke out. You could also try intensifying this smokey eye by adding darker eyeshadow to help transition from day to night.

To complete the look, this Fashionista decided to go for an outfit with lots of layers in order to keep herself warm, yet still stylish. By adding a pair of black tights, she was able to introduce her favorite summer dress to the snow. Opting for the dress also allowed her to showcase her Japanese socks, which not only perfectly framed her outfit with gray accents but had an inspirational message for onlookers to appreciate. A chunky scarf and beanie also topped the list of this Fashionista’s snow day essentials.

The next time Mother Nature decides to surprise you with a day off from classes, think twice about spending the day in front of your laptop. Instead, take the time to do the things that you wouldn’t normally have much time for like reading a book or revamping your makeup routine for a new go-to look.