BEAUTY BAR: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

February 10th, 2017 at 2:00am
BEAUTY BAR: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

One thing I’m currently obsessed with is dewy makeup. You might be too after seeing Saint Laurent’s models rock it during the Paris Fashion Week S/S 17 show. Personally, I love the dewy look as it embraces our natural beauty while leaving you feeling fresh all day. This Fashionista demonstrates how the dewy look is perfect for your everyday look. She’s rocking a simple outfit, perfect for the transition of seasons. Much love for how this fashionista is rocking the button front look!

I find that there are four essential factors to perfect the dewy look. First step is to find a hydrating moisturizer. I’ve been using Glossier’s Priming Moisturizer ($25) and it helps hydrate my skin while calming natural redness. Second step is to ditch your matte foundation and replace it with a satin foundation. Matte foundation creates a shine-free appearance while a satin foundation embraces your natural oils. Don’t worry: you won’t feel oily. This Fashionista told us, “My dewy look is much lighter and cleaner than the matte look I used to wear.”

The last two factors are my favorite. Step three is finding a highlighter. In case you don’t already know, highlighter attracts light and creates the illusion that your skin is naturally glowing. As a member of Glossier’s cult-like following, I suggest their Haloscope ($22) highlighter, which this Fashionista is rocking in the shade “Quartz”! The last step is to apply gloss. Since the launch of Kylie Jenner’s matte lip kits, my friends have ditched their glossy lips claiming they remind them of being in middle school. As my favorite Clueless character Cher would say, “As if! While matte lips are on trend, the glossy lip is iconic. Check out this glossy lip from Nars ($26).

Try the dewy look this semester for a fresh, natural face. It’ll shave a few minutes (or more)  off your daily routine and I know everyone could use an extra five minutes of sleep before your eight am.