BEAUTY BAR: She Was a Stunner

So, I have to admit right off the bat that I am in no way, shape, or form a beauty guru, but this Fashionista here is just that. I had to show off her tricks-of-the-trade so that the knowledge can be shared by someone!

It wasn’t until recently, and I literally mean just last year when I was 18 years old, that I started appreciating and trying out different types of makeup. I went through high school accepting the fact that my cheeks were naturally redder than others. I actually started becoming fond of them; I thought they made me look like I had put some natural color on my face without actually doing anything. For my eyes, my go-to look was a soft shimmery brown eyeliner from Clinique and mascara (about halfway through senior year, however, I realized that eyeliner needed to stop being a thing). At this point, I was stuck. My best friend is a beauty guru too, just like this Fashionista, so I started asking her about products for my face and how I could look more like a girl (thanks, Karl!). Some foundation and a couple of nude shadows later, I felt like a new woman!

Seeing as I’m still searching for new ways to improve my skills, I turn to this Fashionista here for advice. For starters, I want to say that some of the makeup this Fashionista uses is drugstore makeup, so there is no need to break the bank when looking for products. She starts by dabbing her Cover Girl Outlast foundation on her face and blends it with a beauty blender. Next, she uses her Rimmel Match Perfection concealer under her eyes, and then she sets that all with her L’Oréal True Match powder. Her bronzer then goes only in the hollows of her cheeks and around the perimeter of her forehead. Our Fashionista here then uses the first Naked palette for her eyes; the darker, neutral shade goes in the crease of her eye and she then applies the gold shadows on the lid. For this look in particular, she then added Ardell fake lashes for some sassy length and a bold eye. However, my favorite part of all, and favorite current trend, is highlighting. This Fashionista uses “Stunner” by Tarte to top off her look, and I’m honestly obsessed. She highlights along her cheekbones and on the bottom of her nose.

While I’m still learning more beauty tricks, I have to say that if I’ve learned one thing: a little highlight goes a long way!