BEAUTY BAR: Seeing Double

“Rain, rain, go away! Come again another day!” I sing this as I wander the soaking streets of Sheboygan. It’s the middle of June and the sun has decided to rest while its colleagues take charge. The gray and cloudless skies transfix the atmosphere; therefore, on days like this, the citizens of Sheboygan remain indoors. However, there are always a few, like this Fashionista, who can’t help but travel and be exposed to the pouring weather.

When it comes to weathers like this, covering up is always the way to go. In order to stay (semi) dry, yet be prepared for more rain, this Fashionista paired a neon pink, navy windbreaker with black leggings and a pair of lavender, neon pink Nike shoes.

However, what I admired most about this Fashionista’s look was her long, double braids. Rather than covering her hair from the rain, she exposes it, leaving a fresh, “I don’t care what the weather is” feel. In addition, the wet texture to it sets a cool, earthy vibe.

This look, as seen above, definitely goes well with athletic clothing. However, you can also create a summer edgy look with your braids by wearing a gray muscle T-shirt, a black denim skirt and black high-top Vans. Another style you can pull off with the double braids is a bohemian look that consists of a beige halter crop top, a pair of mustard-colored scalloped shorts and strappy sandals. Oh! Don’t forget the floral headband. No matter what the style is, your double braids will never fail in complementing your outfit.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete the perfect double braids, you will need to apply a hair oil to set your strands to be frizz-less. Then split your hair between the middle to each side and tightly criss-cross your hair. After you finish your braids, apply another drop or two of the oil product to your ends to give your look the complete, clean finish.