BEAUTY BAR: Rusty Brown

It’s amazing how knowing what colors go well with your skin tone can transform your look. This Fashionista has channeled her inner goddess by pairing metallic cranberry, yellow gold, and champagne eyeshadow shades, paired with winged eyeliner and bold brows. To complete the look, this Fashionista is wearing a brown liquid lipstick that would otherwise seem very daunting to wear, but complements the tones in her eyeshadows and her beautiful Indian skin tone. This look encourages me to test out different color combinations, instead of sticking to standard champagne eyeshadows and pink or red lipsticks, and to find what colors complement my own skin tone to bring my makeup game to the next level.

When you’re wearing color on your lids like this Fashionista, who has incorporated red hues into her eyeshadow look, it’s difficult to pair an outfit that doesn’t clash with your makeup. This Fashionista did a fabulous job pairing neutral clothing pieces with her makeup to keep the attention focused on the pop of color on her eyelids. This Fashionista is wearing a suede, fringe navy romper with a beaded taupe statement necklace that complements the warm tones in her makeup without drawing too much attention away from her makeup. To top it off, this Fashionista is wearing a simple military jacket that is very necessary on the campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick during the spring, where the weather goes from 70°F to 40°F real fast. Another layering staple is knee-high socks, which this Fashionista has on with flat black suede boots to transition the romper from winter to spring.

I hope this Fashionista has inspired you to be confident in your own skin, and to use makeup to accentuate your natural features instead of trying to change yourself and be someone else. Makeup is fun, so play around with it and test out different colors to find what works best on your skin tone. Learn to appreciate each unique part of you that makes you “you” and celebrate it. Own your skin. Your beauty doesn’t come from the makeup you wear; it comes from much deep within you than the surface. The confidence you wear radiates much brighter than any highlighter you could wear.