BEAUTY BAR: Rock What You Got

January 2nd, 2017 at 2:10am

In today’s world, we are surrounded with a sea of options when it comes to makeup and skin care. As soon as puberty hits, we are told to take care of our skin: wash it, moisturize it, pat it and care for it. If that all doesn’t work we are then told to cover it up. While makeup gives us the chance to experiment with our look and give us more confidence, what’s underneath, in my opinion, is just as cool. This Fashionista’s look doesn’t require the latest Kylie lip kit or hottest new Naked pallet: it only requires herself!

As winter break finally begins, we get the opportunity to relax after a long term, hang out with family and enjoy the holiday spirit. This Fashionista’s look is perfect for any fun holiday activity or chill day at home. Comfortable clothes like leggings, soft shirt and a cozy sweater will keep you warm during the chilly winter days. Sturdy shoes will keep your feet dry and help you maintain your balance on icy sidewalks. Beauty is mostly about being comfortable in your own skin, and who doesn’t feel comfortable in a pair of leggings? What is great about the holidays is not feeling the need to constantly look dressed to the nines, but being able to give you, and your skin, a much-needed break.

Your mom is probably right: washing your face and taking good care of your skin is very important. To make sure you feel your best even when you take off your makeup, find a skincare regime that works with you and your skin.