BEAUTY BAR: Red Reality

BEAUTY BAR: Red Reality

When Fashionistas think of the word timeless, they think of blazers, pencil skirts and little black dresses. On the other hand, a beauty look that comes to mind is red lips.

Red lipstick has always been trendy, from Elizabeth Taylor reigning in the golden age of Hollywood to Taylor Swift rocking red lips in her day-to-day looks. Red lips are a go-to look for bold, daring makeup while also maintaining a classic look. What’s convenient about red lipstick especially is that there is a shade for every skin tone, as well as different shades for certain moods. If a Fashionista wants to go for a more fearless, eye-catching appearance, a wine colored red would work best. A lighter shade of red would give off a fun and flirty look.

This Fashionista wore a horizontal striped shirt to complete the look, as well as casual gray sneakers. The gold necklace is a fun accessory that can match with any outfit. Black and white stripes and the color red also blend very well together! The deliberate contrast of all three colors together with the gray shoes helps to add a major pop to this ensemble.

Fortunately, red is not the only bold lipstick shade a Fashionista can rock. Fuchsia and peach lip looks are becoming big along with darker colors, like Halsey’s gray MAC lipstick. Lipstick is also not the only option in order to get that shimmery, striking look. Lip butters and satin lip pencils are also becoming popular.

Fun tip: Dab on a little matching gloss for an even more polished look. Your lips will look even shinier!