Hair color is an interesting concept. Everyone has one and they’re all uniquely a little bit different. It’s one of the few physical characteristics that you can change relatively effortlessly and frequently.

Some people never change their hair color while others change theirs from week to week. Whether you keep it natural, enlist a professional, a friend or dye it yourself, your hair says a lot about your personality. Even if you’re not one to dye your hair, you probably get it cut, or style it.

Your hair can make or break a look. Imagine walking the red carpet with bed head, or rolling up to the gym with banana curls, it just doesn’t work From spunky pixie cuts to sexy, long locks and soft, romantic curls to ballerina buns, no look is complete without a killer hairstyle.

This Fashionista’s haircut, color and outfit are a direct reflection of her cool, spunky attitude. Judging by the combination of her sequin dress, leopard print jacket and sneaker wedges, it’s clear that this Fashionista knows what she likes, but her short, bright red hair is what really made a statement and drew me to her. While my style is personally a little more reserved, I can always appreciate a risk-taking Fashionista—especially one who executes her look flawlessly.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: The first step to getting this look is to dye your hair a bright red color. Though I recommend getting it done professionally, you can always use a product like this one from L’Oréal to do it yourself. To compliment your loud locks make sure to keep the rest of your makeup more neutral; a nice nude eyeshadow palette and nude lipstick are must haves in your makeup collection!