BEAUTY BAR: Red Hot Curls

We all have those untamable hair days. You know the one, where our hair resembles a lion’s mane, the fly-aways stick out on top of our head and no matter what we do, our hair just won’t cooperate with us. Don’t even get me started on unruly hair when it’s humid out—talk about broken hair ties and hundreds of bobby pins. As a girl with extremely big, curly and frizzy hair, I understand the struggle of trying to style it in a way that not only makes my curls look springy and voluminous, but controls the overall size. You know what they say, we all want the hair we weren’t born with.

However, this Fashionista has no problem showing off her gorgeous, fiery red locks!  Red heads are unique based on their hair color alone, but add in these perfect curls and you’re sure to stand out in a crowd! To tame her Shirley Temple-styled hair, she uses mousse and hairspray to define her curls and keep them manageable. She also adds in some argon oil, giving her hair a shiny texture and taking out the frizz. I love that she clips her ringlets behind her head; pulling back her curls allows her to show off her fresh-faced makeup while keeping her curls intact.

What I love about this outfit is her olive green, button-down shirt because it pairs perfectly with her red hot spirals. The simplicity of the white lace shirt and dark blue jeans keep the outfit casual and classy for any occasion. Her tan booties tie the outfit together, especially because they pair perfectly with her brown cross-body bag.

No matter what, embrace your natural hair like this Fashionista! Let it run wild and free. Own your beautiful hair and don’t forget to rock the curls, big hair and all!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Capture the perfect curls by using this Fashionista’s favorite mousse, along with extra strength hairspray to keep her luscious locks in place. Grab your favorite clip and pull your hair to the back to show off your gorgeous facial features!