March 31st, 2016 at 2:00am

Fierce. If I had one word to describe this Fashionista, that would be it.

Just like a pair of shoes can make or break a look, hair, makeup and overall styling can determine the overall effect of an outfit. Refusing to hide behind her locks, her short, bold red ‘do makes a statement even the biggest tangle of tresses couldn’t. Claiming that cutting her extra long hair was the best decision she ever made, this Fashionista adds some edge with a little bit shaved on the upper right side. Few and far between can pull the cut off, and she uses her makeup to enhance her cool, powerful look.

Aside from a glowing complexion, a sharp, thick, fine-tuned cat eye draws any passer by directly to her eyes. The key to strong makeup is choosing a couple of focal points. In addition to the dramatic, perfectly drawn-on eye, the dark red lip stands out just as boldly and accentuates her hair color. The best part? It doesn’t have to break the bank! While splurging a little more on brands like Sephora and Urban Decay, she cites her local drugstores and supermarkets as go-tos for a less expensive but still quality lip product.

With the hair and makeup taken care of, the rest is easy. This Fashionista slipped on her favorite dress for winter… or spring… or whatever weird season we’re in right now. She adds black tights and boots and sneaks in a peek of color with her blue striped socks.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Grab a dark lip color from your favorite neighborhood drugstore, the Urban Decay Naked palette and eyeliner from Sephora.