BEAUTY BAR: Puttin’ On The Glitz

It’s that time of the year again… ah, winter. Between the cold and bleakness, that can sometimes have us looking the same way. Typically, we tend to trade in our neutrals from fall for cool tones for the winter, but this season is all about warm tones. Now that winter is in full swing, it’s time for some rad makeup looks. This Fashionista shows that just because the air is cold doesn’t mean you can’t look hot with this warm natural glam look.

To start, the face was done very naturally with subtle contour and highlight to keep the focus on the eyes. Instead of going for a dewy finish, she opted for a matte foundation finish so the look wasn’t too overwhelming. To achieve the same look, she used the Custom Coverage Drops from Cover FX. During the winter, a bold brow is everything and really pulls the look you’re going for together, so a brow pomade works best. Summer’s long gone and so is your tan, so to look like you’ve been basking in the sun for a few hours, a warm matte bronzer and highlighters from Lorac and Becca were a no brainer. Not only did it add the perfect natural subtle glow for this Fashionista, but it also complements the rest of the face well as it adds some dimension to the look.

And finally for the star of the show… the eyes! For a natural, warm, smoky look, she used matte browns and peaches. You can totally stop the look here, but because she was going for glam, she opted for glitter. To add dimension to the eye and make them really stand out and pop, NYX Glitter in the shade Bronze adds the right amount of sparkle for a nice daytime glam look that can also be transitioned into a nighttime look as well, making it the perfect wearable glam for any occasion, anytime of day. For lashes, this Fashionista chose Ardell Double-Up Wispies and blended them together using Benefit’s Roller Lash. To finish off the look, she swiped on some lip balm and topped it off with a clear gloss.

This Fashionista’s look didn’t stop with the makeup. No look is complete without a rad outfit and hairstyle to match. Her style combines street wear and tomboy vibes for one chic look. She kept it simple in black skinnies, a white mesh top, and the classic Adidas Superstars, but accessorized with gold jewelry to bring out the gold in the makeup. Bracelet cuffs are minimalistic and simple yet add so much to any outfit. As for her hairstyle, she used a flat iron for a simple yet chic look and then pulled it away from her face with a cute half-up style, pulling out some pieces to frame her face.

Winter is the perfect time for experimenting with different glam looks. Just find your perfect warm-toned eye shadows, matte foundation, and glitter and you’re good to go for a glam look that’s for sure to be hot even in the coldest of climates!