BEAUTY BAR: Purple Rain

If ever it was a time to color your hair, it would be during the summer. It’s a time when you can be free to express yourself! I actually find it such a coincidence that I found this Fashionista with this awesome ombré hair. It was just yesterday that one of my roommates impulsively committed to dying her hair purple and the other to an ombré. Today, I found a combination of both! I really like how this Fashionista was able to combine such a deep hue with the lighter color of her hair. Her hair is also a great accessory to match with her plum shorts and the red in her shirt.

In order to achieve this look, I have a method. You will need purple hair dye as well as a conditioner sans silicon in the formula. Take two to three bowls from your house. Use the bowls to apply a small, medium and large amount of the dye. In order to make sure you do not waste the dye in the future, add conditioner to each of the bowls. This will allow the dye to cover more of your hair while only using small amounts of the actual dye. It will also dilute the dye in order to get an ombré effect. Use an application brush and apply the dye starting with the lightest tone and move downward deepening the color. Make sure to get those roots!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? For this look, the main thing you will need is purple dye. I found the most popular is the brand of Simply Bright from Mellor and Russell. You will also need a conditioner in order to dilute the dye. I would recommend a TRESemmé conditioner as it is silicon free. You don’t want silicon in your conditioner, otherwise it will block the color from dying you hair. Finally, optional items consist of rubber or latex gloves, an application brush and a hair cutting cloth in order to keep color from getting on the rest of your body!