BEAUTY BAR: Purple Pop

Winter weather is here, and so is the time to change up our beauty routine. Now is the time to bring out those darker lip shades to create more drama. Red lipstick is a necessity and most will start rocking the deep reds or maroons, but this Fashionista showed that rocking a dark purple will make just as big a statement.

The key to this look is the purple lipstick, and to make the lip stand out, she keeps the rest of her makeup simple. She uses neutral eye shadows like brown and mauve to make her eyes pop. Smoky eyes are normally for nighttime, but with the eye shadows she chose it keeps it light enough to make it work for daytime. She finishes off the look with a light blush that compliments the dark purple.

The Fashionista’s lip color pops and brings attention to her outfit without clashing with it. She keeps it fun with her patterned top, and her mostly black and white outfit is finished off with her hunter green army jacket. This shows that when wearing funky lipstick colors, your outfit does not have to be boring.

So while everyone is wearing the popular deep red lipstick this winter, you can branch out with other dark colors (like purple) that are sure to make a statement.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve this look, you will need a dark purple lipstick, an eye shadow palette including mostly neutrals like brown and light pink, and a blush that compliments your lip color. With this makeup look, any outfit should be able to stand out from the crowd this holiday season.