BEAUTY BAR: Pretty Pout Of Pink

In the winter, it’s natural to blend in with the gloominess. If you’re like me, seasonal depression is real. You are constantly seeing the dark side—even with clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I love dark colors, but sometimes you need to add some life to your look and look to your life. Instead of having the weather and drab colors dampen your day and spirit, turn heads with a pop of color.

This Fashionista is rocking a simple yet stylish outfit. A plain light gray pullover, leather leggings and Timberland boots. Add some color to the lip and it gives the outfit life! This color pink is a perfect choice since it stands out against the black and gray colors without overdoing it. It also adds a touch of femininity to the edgy leather leggings and boots. Since an apparent trend is basic colors, it’s a great opportunity to try out different shades of lip stains that accentuates your personal style and make a statement during these cold days!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, you need a moisturizing chapstick and a lip stain. Make sure not to skip the lip balm because it locks in moisture and makes sure the lip stain doesn’t crack. Plus, it will give you a more polished look and help make the color last longer. For fair skin, try a light pink or orange color. For medium skin colors, try a moderate pink or a red. For darker skin, try a dark fuschia or a dark brown which has been a very trendy color this season! Always remember to stand out and don’t be scared to have a little fun with your look!