BEAUTY BAR: Pretty In Pink

It’s no secret that the sun and humidity tag-team is any girl’s worst enemy when it comes to preserving fresh looking makeup and sleek hair. Most often times, it seems as if taking the extra time to make yourself look perfect during the summer months is not worth the frustration, however, it does not have to be this way. This Fashionista’s hair and makeup combo not only accentuate her outfit and bring out her natural beauty all while beating the heat in the most glamorous way.

The makeup choice made by this Fashionista is light and clean. She used an array of pinks on her lids, which gives off a more natural look than dark and heavy colors would. Especially when exposed to heat, crease lines from eye shadow on your lids become more obvious when wearing dark colors. Along with her natural-looking lids, our Fashionista chose to wear jet-black mascara with just a hint of purple on the tips of her lashes. The purple accent was a detail that I found to work well with her lighter lids, calling more attention to her eyes without caking on any products. Her look is finished off with a light colored gloss that gives her lips shine and a rejuvenated look. I fully encourage anyone to attempt a look such as the one this Fashionista created that embraces natural beauty. Not to be forgotten, her hair that is not pin straight nor curled to perfection serves as the perfect style to pair with her day to night outfit. She does not look like she spent hours slaving in front of the mirror, yet I don’t think that she could look more gorgeous.

With humidity, swimming and late nights, summer months are a great reminder that the skin we are in is here to stay and we must learn to love it!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, I would highly recommend a good eye primer to keep those lids from creasing as well as a neutral-colored palette. To achieve a golden tan like this Fashionista displays without the UV rays, try a tinted bronzer.