BEAUTY BAR: Pretty In Pastel

August 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

Life needs color! Whether it’s shown through accessories, makeup, nail polish or better yet hair, color is a form of expression and character. Color can say a lot about a Fashionista. An outfit comprised of mostly neutral colors speaks a very different tone than one that’s focused around neon.

Hair especially is no different and working in a hair salon I see it regularly. In the beauty industry, trends continuously change more than what’s coming and going in and out of closets each season. A trend that we’ve seen recently on the rise, especially thanks to Kylie Jenner, is pastel hair. Pastels are light and pretty. They portray a fun, wild aspect and if done correctly, don’t look harsh. Another trend that has hit the hearts of Fashionistas and salons alike is the “sombré” (soft ombré). Soft ombrés are more natural-looking and beachy than regular highlights. They add a nice soft fade into a sun-kissed look and are pretty low-maintenance too.

This Fashionista took the two popular trends and made them into her own. She chose to combine the subtle technique of the “sombré” with the eye-catching color of a pastel violet. The Fashionista took it a step further, by doing a reverse soft ombré. Starting at her roots, the technique blended out the violet coloring softly into the rest of her blonde hair. This is opposed to the regular technique of having blonde at the root and then blending down into a lighter color. Her outfit consisted of all-black, as she was headed off to work. She accessorized with her jewelry, wearing bright green studs and a beaded white and turquoise necklace from MeloMeloTackle. This added as a terrific contrast to her violet hair, making the two colors the focus of her outfit against the black. The Fashionista’s Hunter boots were perfect for the rainy day, accompanied by her comfy leggings and loose tunic.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This color technique is not to be attempted at home. If you want to add some pretty pastel to your look head over to your hairdresser and let him or her do all the magic. Be adventurous when choosing and pick a pastel that matches your personality! Most importantly, be sure to use a color protecting shampoo and conditioner regularly.