BEAUTY BAR: Plum's The Way

September 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Every year when we get to that awkward time between the summer and fall seasons, I can never figure out what to wear. When you are getting ready in the morning it’s chilly fall weather but by the afternoon it’s full on summer and suddenly you are overdressed. It’s for times like these that layering was invented. Wear your cute summer-inspired outfit but throw on a warm cardigan for the early morning chill. This way you can remove excess layers later in the day without compromising your style. This Fashionista nailed this look with her purple tank dress and simple gray cardigan. The dark purple statement necklace adds to the look along with her soft tan purse bringing some brightness back into the ensemble.

Unfortunately, mastering an in-between seasons outfit isn’t the only challenge a Fashionista faces pre-fall and post-summer. It can be hard to determine when the it is the right time to transition from light summer makeup to rich fall colors. I think this look is able to do the perfect amount of both by keeping the makeup look simple and natural. It gives her the opportunity to emphasize the summer glow through her makeup. She also keeps her look simplistic with a basic light pink lip color. Then to start the move towards fall, she shows off a deep plum smokey eye. The dramatic look for her eyes ties in perfectly to the shades of purple in her outfit and shows that fall is coming. She is able to pull in just the right amount of darkness into her look without bidding summer a complete farewell.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve this look you will need an eye shadow palette that features various shades of purple. You will also need a simple light pink lip stick. Don’t forget to maintain the summer glow by keeping the rest of your look as simple and natural as possible.