BEAUTY BAR: Pixie on Point

BEAUTY BAR: Pixie on Point

For many of us Fashionistas, our hair is our safety blanket. It’s a glowing cape that surrounds our face with texture and shine, and we take time every day to maintain and style it.

More recently, some Fashionistas have decided that they don’t need that extra layer of locks, and have taken the bold move of chopping it off. This Fashionista was inspired by a mix of Jennifer Goodwin and Audrey Hepburn. Her hair was previously a shoulder-length long bob that had some edge to it. She had been rocking the look for a couple of years and was craving a change.

In her early years of high school, this Fashionista decided to get a pixie cut but wasn’t prepared for how short the stylist was going to cut it. Many headbands and clips later, her hair grew out to the long bob I mentioned before. It wasn’t until she saw Jennifer Goodwin in Once Upon a Time that she decided she was ready to give it another shot.

This time, she went for a longer side bang that gives her some hair to play around with. She uses a curling iron to flip the bangs away from her face in the mornings. It gives the hair a carefree look similar to what would happen if she were pushing back her hair with her hand.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To copy this look all you need is a fresh cut, a .5” curling iron, L’Oreal blow dry it quick primer spray and Aussie headstrong volume hairspray to keep your hair safe from heat and molded in place.