BEAUTY BAR: Pastels for Spring? Groundbreaking.

Miranda Priestly was all wrong about pastels in the spring. Thanks to a group of celebrities including Rihanna, Katy Perry and Nicole Richie, the pastel trend has moved from our closets to our hair. Yes, the idea of dyeing your whole head to an unnatural color can be scary, but with just a couple hours and the right mindset, you too can be rocking the current hair trend.

Pastel strands are a great way to make it look like you put a lot of effort into your hair, even when you just rolled out of bed. If the right color is used, it can add the finishing touch to every outfit. In order to pick out your perfect color, you’ll need to look at your closet. Once you find the main color scheme of your wardrobe, you can pick out the color of dye. Pink and emerald make a great pair, lavender and navy make each other pop, and any color could be paired with black. If you are unsure as to which color would fit with your clothes the best, look at what colors you tend to wear for accessories.

Pastels can be a great accent color, especially for blondes. This is a little harder to achieve for brunettes, but it’s possible. If you are on the fence, I recommend trying out the dip dyed ends with washout color. If you end up loving it, then go for semi permanent dye and potentially more hair.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? For an at home DIY, all you need is semi permanent dye in your chosen color, conditioner (to dilute the color of the dye), gloves (to keep our manicures intact!) and a container to mix the dye and conditioner together in. For all the brunettes out there, you will also need a bleach kit to ensure that the color shows up in your hair.