BEAUTY BAR: Pastel Unicorn

After a straight week of tornados, hail and rain, I am thrilled that Denver’s weather is finally picking up. The mountains that surround the city (one of my favorite attributes) provide a constant source of inspiration for the Fashionistas/os who live here. The dry heat in Colorado also allows for flexibility when choosing summer outfits.

When it comes to hair and makeup, my personal routine is plain vanilla. A messy braid and mascara complete my day-to-day look. When I find Fashionistas who are defying the norm with both their hair and beauty routines, I am extremely intrigued. This Fashionista is the perfect definition of someone who is willing to take beauty risks. For her, it pays off.

Now, some might not think that hair and makeup complete an outfit, but I would have to disagree. As Olivia Palermo stated in an interview with beauty blog Byrdie, “Makeup really is the most important accessory. Whether it’s a bold statement with smokey eyes or a more clean look, makeup really ties your whole look together.”

This Fashionista pulled together her entire look with the help of her hair and bright purple-pink lipstick. She described her hairstyle to me as “the unicorn.” In regards to her attire, this Fashionista kept it simple with a pastel printed dress. Her killer black platform boots and oversized cat eye sunglasses give her entire ensemble an edgy vibe.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Want to experiment with a cool, edgy look like this Fashionista? First, separate your hair into two high ponytails on the very top of your head. Wrap the front ponytail around until you create a bun (sleek or messy). Then, the back ponytail can be left alone or wrapped with a scrunchie, as seen in this look. Finally, add a swipe of lipstick such as the purple-pink shade Power from NYX. Don’t forget to spritz your entire face with a makeup setting spray, such as this one from Urban Decay. This will protect your makeup from melting in the hot summer sun. You’re ready for your own pastel unicorn look!