BEAUTY BAR: Own Your Frizz

We all know the age old saying April showers bring May flowers, but do you know what else April showers bring? Frizzy hair. After spending an hour of your morning ensuring you have straightened away your natural locks, you glance in the mirror to find that flyaways have ruined your look. It’s no secret that rain can ruin a great hair day. Just a few drops can turn any sleek look into a frizzy mess.

This Fashionista’s advice on dealing with frizzy hair: embrace the natural look. Skip the flat iron and let your hair do its thing! Everyone gets frizz. By choosing to embrace her wild curls and spring frizz, this Fashionista increased her confidence and decreased her time getting ready. Her bright red curls help her stand out from the crowd and are the perfect addition to every outfit.

Despite what you may think, rainy weather can actually zap your hair of moisture. By making sure you keep your curls nourished and healthy, you automatically reduce flyaways and split ends. Your hair will be shinier, stronger, and happier!

The first step towards great curls begins in the shower. Using curl-friendly shampoo and conditioner ensures your curls start the day with the nutrients they need. While your hair is still damp, scrunch in a curl cream to help shape and define your curls. This Fashionista’s go-to frizz taming product is leave-in conditioner.

Still afraid of frizz? No problem! Toss a bottle of hair oil in your backpack to use for touch-ups on the go. Oils help to tame frizz and lock in moisture, all while adding shine and making your hair smell amazing.

Instead of hiding your curls under a hat or straightening them away, try the natural look. Make frizz your friend and rock your wild, unruly hair.