BEAUTY BAR: New Year, New Look

February 9th, 2017 at 2:10am
BEAUTY BAR: New Year, New Look

Do you have thick curly locks? Golden bronze skin? If so, this everyday beauty look is the perfect way for you to ring in the new year. In reality it’s quite easy to put together… but the result looks like you’ve put in hours of effort into your appearance. I am obsessed! I’ve always envied women with bouncy curls and a gorgeous tan complexion, but now there’s another reason for me to be jealous! This look screams trendy, chic, sexy, and cool. This glamorous Fashionista has inspired me to look more into this genius hairstyle and makeup look.

During our interview (that I wish could have gone on longer), she let me in on some of her personal beauty secrets. For her hair, she uses a coconut oil-based conditioner every other day to give her curls lots of life. She says to use shampoo sparingly, because curls need your body’s natural oils to retain moisture. However, use conditioner like there is no tomorrow! By doing this, her hair is left soft to the touch and very manageable – something all girls with curls strive for! After washing her hair, she lets it air dry because that gives it the most natural appearance.

For this specific hair style, all she does is separate her smaller curls in the front of her face from the rest of her hair, then proceeds to put her hair in the classic half-up half-down style we have all done since childhood! Who knew such an old and simple hairdo could make the hottest trends of 2017? Fluffing her curls in the front a little bit, and making sure the mini pony tail is set in place is all that’s needed for this do! I don’t think it could get much easier than that.

For her makeup, she was able to use such simple products and pull off a luxurious and lavish look. For her eyes, she is wearing Loreal’s Voluminous Mascara to make her lashes pop. She is blessed with big, rich, mahogany eyes, so mascara is all it takes to dazzle them up on a day to day basis. She uses Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer and Benefit’s Sun Beam Highlighter to add some color and light to her radiant skin. To finish off the look she wears a natural pink lipstick on her plump lips. This makeup look is simple, and everyday friendly. I found this Fashionista strutting around campus looking this effortlessly chic! 

Of course, this look can be played up or down and be used by women with all types of hair and skin color! This look is universal, easy, and unique—something that’s quite the rave in our modern day. With the hair, makeup, and an “I can do anything” attitude, you can all take on this year with confidence and style!