BEAUTY BAR: Nature Calls For Neutrals

Summer is the time for glowing skin and wavy hair. However, not all skin can stay flawless with just the help of the sun and the beach doesn’t make everyone’s hair have the perfect curls. You may ask, how did this Fashionista rock both the glowing skin and wavy hair look? Well here she is to tell you how to rock her look and maintain a natural looking vibe, all with the help of some simple makeup tips. Get ready for a girl’s guide to that perfect summer’s look because here it is.

Take a walk in the shoes of this confident and radiant Fashionista while she struts down a bricked path to flawless summer beauty. As she looks around, her mascara is perfectly combed out and her eyeliner lay thin and subtle to keep a natural look. With a little help from some bronzer swept across this Fashionista’s face, it brightens her cheeks and defines her jawline. Overall, the bronzer can help highlight specific facial features to help that “natural” glow for the summer. While the makeup sits pretty on the Fashionista’s face, she also has another thing going for her, her hair.

While some may have already a natural wave to their hair it just may not be enough for that perfect summer beach wave. So what’s the secret? It’s Aussie’s hairspray and gel that hold those summer waves in, but it’s the popular wand curler that adds the extra bounce to this Fashionista’s locks. With that, this Fashionista has just pulled off the trendy and perfect summer’s look in a natural way. This Fashionista is ready for the long summer days or warm summer nights.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Next time you take a stop to the makeup store make sure to grab a couple of these Fashionista’s favorites for the summer. Want a similar look? Grab some COVERGIRL LashBlast Fushion Water Resistant Mascara to add some features to the eyes. And for eyeliner, head over to Smashbox section (at your nearest Ulta) where you’ll also find some water resistant make up called Always Sharp 3D liner. After the eyes are done then head over to the bronzers. To add that summer glow, pick out the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Air Brushing Veil-Deluxe Edition. Then comes time for the hair. Pick up a Chi ARC Automatic Rotating Curler for those gorgeous locks. All you have to do is go and add curls to whatever flow this summer weather already gives you while adding some Aussie hairspray.