BEAUTY BAR: Natural Glamour

Looking natural has long been named a key to success in both makeup and hair during summer. Glowing skin, beach tousled waves and bare faced beauty are perfect for vacation days and relaxation. Wondering how you can translate these laid back qualities into your glamorous looks? With plenty of professional makeup experience, this Fashionista demonstrates tips for taking natural beauty up a notch for work and more formal events like dates.

For starters, you can get the vibe of beachy waves in a slightly more structured but still easy fashion. Imagine your favorite old curls, but a little looser, longer and relaxed. Rather than a curling iron, this Fashionista uses a curling wand and styling cream to achieve soft, modern waves in much less time. Plus, her short lob makes for easy summer styling, and gentle streaks of blonde give it a California girl stamp.

If you do decide to take your look from day to night, you’ll want it to have staying power. This Fashionista insists that her secret to long lasting makeup is prepping her skin and eyelids with primer. Additionally, she finishes off her look with a setting spray.

Of course, before setting spray come some key makeup staples! This Fashionista shares that she believes less is more, as long as you use makeup to highlight your key features. She starts with a matte foundation to avoid issues with oil or summer sweat. She highlights her skin tone using contouring products, which are best applied with a beauty blender and light blush.

The Fashionista’s eyes and lips are the key to her summer beauty. She uses a combination eyeshadow palette to give her eyes naturally colored sparkle. As for that perfect wing tip? She uses clay paint rather than a marker or pencil to get super precise definition. After topping things off with mascara, she blends both lip liner and lipstick in complementary shades. By outlining, layering lipstick and then blotting, she creates subtle volume and her own unique color.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To get this Fashionista’s look, you’ll need a trusty contouring kit, multi-shade eyeshadow palette and a flawless lip liner that falls somewhere between nude and pink. A good motto for on-trend lip color? Think mauve, look suave!