BEAUTY BAR: My Lipstick is Popping, My Lipstick is Cool

Ready or not, fall is here! With the temperatures switching from the warm summer breezes to the crisp fall air and the leaves changing from beautiful shades of green to autumn oranges and reds, your daily beauty routine needs to change with it! The great thing about fall is that it’s completely acceptable to go for that dark sultry look everyone deep down has always wanted to try. So whip out your most dramatic lip color because this trend is taking fall by storm.

The berry lip color is one of those shades that work for everyone, no matter what your skin tone is. This Fashionista decided to pair a classic fall look of jeans, boots and a leather jacket with a colorful orange sweater. This Fashionista is trying to show that even if you wear a bold lip color, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear other colors too. This look is perfect for daytime festivities like eating lunch with friends or just going to class. Bold lips are the perfect way to add a pop to your outfit!

To achieve this look, make sure to keep your face makeup and eye makeup as natural looking as possible. The last thing you want to do is look like the circus came to town early. First apply primer allover your face. Primer helps your makeup set properly, which will then allow you to have long lasting results. Next, apply a liquid foundation and then a powder foundation to really set your base so that you look absolutely flawless. Next, lightly apply blush and accent with a nice highlighting powder to really make you look photo ready. Now its time for your eyes! Apply a neutral eye shadow color like half baked from the Naked2 palette to your lids. Then apply gel eyeliner on the top lid close to your lash line and then some pencil eyeliner to your bottom lash line. Make sure to add some mascara to really make your eyes pop! Last but not least–time for the lipstick. Complete your beauty look by adding about two coats on both your top and bottom lip and rub. Your fall look is officially complete. And just like Lil Mama said: “My lip-gloss is popping, my lip-gloss is cool.” Change that to lipstick and everyone will keep staring and chase you after school.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Make sure to find the shade of lipstick that works for your skin tone and just have fun with it! For a more dramatic look, go for a matte lipstick. And if you are feeling like spicing it up and grabbing everyone’s attention even more, take a dab of a nude lipstick as your base and put one coat of tinted lip-gloss on top of it. Then, you’re still following the trend, but a little more low key.