BEAUTY BAR: My Heart Isn't As Dark As My Lipstick

Let’s be real—the dark and vampy beauty trend is making a comeback and coming very strong. You may not be looking like Aaliyah when she starred in Queen of the Damned any time soon, but you can dream right? With dark looks, anyone can try to be a different character for a day. Makeup exemplifies this trend, letting you have fun with it as well! Clothes are of course a source for the look, but the makeup is what makes the dark and sultry look come into fruition.

This Fashionista shows us how a dark and mysterious look comes together with her makeup and her clothing to boot! The biggest key for having a bold and dark look is to either have dark clothing that complements the look, or go for a bold color such as crimson red! By wearing black pieces, her statement lips were shining through and gave her the look she was looking for. The sheer top gave off a mysterious feel to the whole look, revealing her scalloped black bralette that is clearly essential to the hot summer days as of late. As well, the silver jewelry gave more of a classy look—not your average Twilight feel, which has a very drab feel and caricature approach compared to this look. Dark lip colors can have grasp on the futuristic look as well. The Fashionista looks like she can be apart of the “No Scrubs” music video by TLC with the dark purple lipstick and platform sandals!

The biggest thing with this type of makeup look is not to put so much effort in it. You may start to look like a pseudo goth girl that listens to “Metallica” and reads Death Note because that’s what you thought the other goths did. A dark red or dark purple is good enough. With the right accessories right fitting clothing, you’ll be able to execute the vamp look effortlessly!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? For this dark look, the most reliable lipsticks are the most useful and will keep your dark vamp look for the day. The best I have seen so far has to be MAC’s Sheen Supreme Lipstick.