BEAUTY BAR: Minimalist Makeover

Flipping through the summer editions of Vogue or scrolling through the countless articles on the most recent beauty obsessions online, there are so many trends that are spreading in the beauty industry and it is hard to pick just one look to focus on. Although I am consistently amazed at the perfect eyeshadow creations as exhibited on the Atelier Versace fashion show or the bold lips seen on the Chanel and Armani Privé runway, one of the most gorgeous, yet simple summer trend is the natural look.

This particular trends stands out to me because it embraces beauty in a way that differs from adding layers upon layers of makeup on your face. The glow and dewy skin complexion that a natural look achieves fits perfectly with the summer complex of relaxing and spending more time outdoors and less time worrying about the potential (and dreadful) makeup smears. When I use less makeup, I find that my skin feels healthier and it also gives me a boost of confidence!

From head-to-toe, this Fashionista delivers a natural look. With her messy bun and trendy earring to her layered necklaces and earthy colors featured in her outfit, I feel inspired to create an organic-inspired outfit. Not only does her outfit look effortlessly stylish, but her makeup follows the minimalist trend. I love how she masters this look by applying a few shades of mascara and shadow to create a summer glow. This trend is simple and easy while maintaining a fresh and light feeling to beat the heat!

Creating a natural look requires a few beauty products. I would recommend a foundation that is organic and also SPF included; make sure to choose a color that matches your skin tone perfectly. I am a big fan of eyeshadow, so I would use either a sparkly eyeshadow or a nude cream-based shadow to highlight my eyes. Then select a mascara; there are many different varieties to choose from depending on what eyelash outcome you desire. If you plan to spend the day swimming, select a waterproof mascara. Do not forget to hydrate your lips with nude or a light pink color to complete the natural look. Especially during the heat of the summer, remember that less is more!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? In case you’re on your way to Ulta or Sephora, here is a quick summer of what you need for a natural, yet simply beautiful look. Select the correct shade of foundationlengthening mascara (for longer lashes), smooth eyeshadow and a lipstick color that complements your skin tone.