BEAUTY BAR: Making Your Wave Downtown

Beating the summer heat can be hard, but taming your mane doesn’t have to be! Even though we’re taught that leaving your hair natural is the best way to go during these hot and humid days, it’s okay to add a little bit of your own heat. Make your own waves that’ll leave everyone with a splash this summer!

Since this Fashionista has naturally straight hair, she prefers to have her hair curled by her best friend—also known as her hair wand. You can find hair wands at many stores and at very affordable prices. The barrels range from many different sizes, so you can choose the one that is perfect for your hair type. These loose curls were perfected by a one and a half inch wand and were then brushed out with her fingers to create a wavy hairstyle that all women adore. Not only do these curls look effortless, but they actually were! She only spent five to 10 minutes curling her hair and another two teasing it with her teasing comb. Teasing your hair is crucial after curling; it gives your locks that extra boost (literally) that will complete the look. Don’t forget to run your fingers or a comb through your hair at the end!

Curling your hair in the summer is a great route to take because, when the curls start to fall, it still looks good. If you were to leave your hair straight, it could cause frizz or your ends to flip in/out. As long as you have some type of heat protectant on your hair, the waves should be able survive a long, hot summer day.

What’s on the BEATUY BAR? The two major items needed to complete this look is a hair wand with a barrel size of your choice and a teasing comb. Also, be sure to have a heat protectant that you can put on before you apply heat, as well as an anti-frizz serum. Top it off with a strong-hold hairspray and you’ll have flawless waves for the day!