BEAUTY BAR: Making Spirals Go Viral

Meet another stylish Fashionista I met from the Czech Republic. For those who have read last week’s #WardrobeWednesday article featuring her sister, you will notice these two ladies have contrasting styles, yet both make fashionable statements. This Fashionista is dressed to impress with a style that is versatile; she is work ready while also being date night ready. She is also wearing a very stylish and appropriate “meet the parents” attire.

Heels are sexy, but let’s admit that they end up hurting our feet, knees and backs. Avoiding the mentioned dilemma at hand, the Fashionista made a great choice by wearing a cute pair of flat shoes. She is wearing a pencil skirt that accentuates her curves and smooths out her thighs while ensuring her waist as the center of attention. Copy her look with this marled knit pencil skirt from Forever 21. To complete her look, she is wearing a black sleeveless blouse with a Michael Kors mini messenger bag that allows her caramel-golden hair to be in focus.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? If you look closely at her wrist within the pictures, she is wearing a clear spiral hair piece. After questioning her about it, she explained it is less likely to pull strands of hair out than the average hair piece. There are several different ways to style with these pieces, where she demonstrated the simple pull back pony tail with it. To continue with the spiral look, try adding some coiled accessories, such as a rhinestone spiral ring along with a pair of dangle earrings.