BEAUTY BAR: Make the Braid

In college we learn all about how to “make the grade.” Go to class, take notes and study for tests. For us Fashionsitas on campus, we love to look cute and stylish for class, and just like grades, beauty also takes work.  A favorite phrase of many: “look good, feel good!” Let’s put this motto into play, with some beauty inspiration.

Getting ready for early morning classes is always a rush, and it is important to choose a quick outfit and hairstyle. One style that has been in trend lately are braids. Anywhere from French braids to fishtails, the style options are endless! Braids have never been my forte. Fortunately, I was able to get some insight from this Fashionista, who seems to have the braid game down! In this look, she chose to add a relaxed feel to her sophisticated ensemble. She wore her hair in loose waves, and created a unique, fun hair twist and braid combo.

A chic, black outfit is always a stylish pick. To add a glamorous touch, this Fashionista chose to wear a tailored shirt with a pearl embroidered collar. With a statement neckline, keeping the rest of the outfit simple was definitely a good choice. She paired her glamorous top with an A-line mini skirt and wedged booties.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve this cute and easy hairstyle, start by pulling back two sections of your hair on both sides of your head. Twist these pieces, until they meet up in the middle. Combine the two sections and finish with a braid.  To add a relaxed vibe to your look, use a 1 ½ inch curling iron and curl the remaining stands of hair. Spritz in some hairspray and you are ready to rock your day!