BEAUTY BAR: Make It Matte(r)

Remember the days when Britney Spears was looking a lot less like the hot, leather jumpsuit Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears and looking a lot more like the oops-I-went-and-shaved-my-head-again Britney Spears? I’ll answer for you: of course you freaking remember. I’d be seriously skeptical of your status as a human being if you didn’t anxiously await the release of People every week amongst the 2007 K-Fed breakup disaster. But, now it’s all good and well because the Queen is back on top of pop, and these days, just like Brit predicted, we all do want a piece of her.

Moral of the story? America loves, and I mean loves, a good comeback story. Chalk it up to human nature, karma or just some good, old fashion luck, but here the US of A, we’re big supporters of second chances.

Amanda Bynes of the world, take note: returning to the it scene is possible, but only with an upgrade and a half, think *insert person or product here* version two point five. Who better to show us exactly what a top notch revamp looks like than a Fashionista rocking not just one, but two trends that have spent their fair share of time on both the in and out side of the list?

Comeback trend numero uno is our beloved adidas. Way back when, my mom used to sport the originals. But, circa early 2000 the kicks were way out of style (my mom still remained trendiest of them all) and population Earth associated adidas with tennis shoes that had five too many layers of support to ever be considered hip. Then, woop there it was, 2015 made adidas originals and apparel super fly one more time. The sheer cool factor of adidas is demonstrated by this obviously trendsetting Fashionista dressed head to toe in the brand.

Now, we’re onto trend numero dos: matte lips. From the forever iconic Marilyn Monroe to the forever iconic (maybe?) Kardashian Klan, the matte lip has successfully and dramatically slid its way back into mainstream beauty. With all lipstick colors available in matte form, this classy finish gives your lips a fuller look. This Fashionista opted for a nude undertone that expertly tied together the entire look. Let me know if you disagree, but doesn’t this Fashionista look like she should be handing out a makeup tutorial or two? Her contouring is unreal.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: It may be unconventional, but this Fashionista swears by her foolproof prolong wear matte lip secret—so keep this trick under lock and key. Instead of a typical lipstick, grab your favorite liner and try to color inside the lines (I have extra coloring books if you need practice). Press harder on the outer edges and get gradually lighter towards the center. Then, the key is to layer ChapStick on top. It may not be the common matte lip method, but it should be—it works like a charm.