BEAUTY BAR: Mad for Mocha

The smoldering heat that comes with mid July makes putting on makeup seem like a chore, but with summer social events in full swing, it’s hard to avoid. So what’s a girl to do, either go au natural or be sweating off her makeup in five minutes? Personally, neither of those options sounds appealing. So what about just faking a full face of makeup? You may be wondering how, but take a look at this Fashionista’s eye-catching look. Her gold ear cuff and hoops look fabulous, but it’s her gorgeous eye makeup that steals the show.

This Fashionista makes her gorgeous brown eyes pop with a subtle rosy, bronze eye shadow. She adds some glam with bold black liner on the outer part of her eyelid and black mascara. With mocha liner on the inner part of her lower lid her brown eyes really pop. This Fashionista beats the heat by just using a simple powder over her face rather than a liquid foundation that could melt in the hot weather. With a touch of blush, this Fashionista is ready for any summer social event to come her way. Her black leather shorts and bag tie into her overall glamorous look. She keeps her ensemble summery with a flowing, floral tank. The gold details throughout her look pair perfectly with her lovely makeup that makes her mocha eyes pop.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To fake a full face of makeup, focus on accentuating your eyes while keeping your foundation light. A bronze shadow, black liquid liner and mocha eye pencil are exactly what you need for a simple yet glam eye. Remember to keep your foundation light by using a powder foundation, which is the best makeup solution for the summer heat.