BEAUTY BAR: Little Red

While most people tend to go with a darker hair color as the weather gets colder, this Fashionista stuck out to me due to her bright red locks. Many people will go for an auburn or a deep red but this Fashionista really makes a statement with her choice of this shade of red that many wouldn’t dare to do in the fall, let alone at any other time in the year.

This shade of red may not be considered the most classic look for the fall season, but the intensity of the color of her hair is what really makes it work. It’s a vibrant and rich shade of red, that doesn’t look poorly done. This Fashionista’s choice of an olive green crop top and light wash jeans is simple, color-coordinated with her hair in mind and is also appropriate for that awkward in-between weather, which all comes together to make this look truly work.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This Fashionista gets her hair done by a professional but if you want a cheaper and DIY dye job instead, go for this one from Splat to achieve a similar look. She also said that when she washes her hair, she uses a red shampoo that is designed to revive the brilliance of red hair and also keep the color in place. The last step to maintain this look is to use the Nexxus Color Assure Pre-Wash Primer. This is an oil that repels water in the shower to lock-in the the color of your hair and keep it looking fresh, which is an essential when you have an unnatural hair color.