BEAUTY BAR: Lips Are Movin'

July 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Taylor Swift once sang, “And I got that red lip classic thing that you like!” Thanks Taylor Swift, for inspiring girls everywhere to rock lipstick and keep it classy. Red lips are always in style and are as classic as is a little black dress. Instead of doing a bright red lip, this Fashionista chose a black cherry lip color that helps make her stand out. Lipstick is important because it shows off your great taste but with only a little effort.

This Fashionista chose a horizontal pinstripe crop top that matches her light blue high-waisted shorts. A brown pair of strappy sandals made the look casual and a gold simple necklace was the perfect touch. This is a great outfit for a barbecue or day party. The shirt can be found at H&M and her shorts can be found at Hollister.

As cute as this outfit is, it needed one more touch to really make it pop! Taking Taylor Swift’s advice to heart she added a RAD lip color made by Revlon. She went for a dark red that really complements her skin tone. This rich color stands out, so the rest of her makeup should be simple. Her eyelashes are long and her eyebrows are on fleek! The mascara she uses is by COVERGIRL and is a very dark black. A great trick this Fashionista uses for her eyebrows is eyeshadow. I use a pencil but after looking at those brows I am definitely switching over. Using eye shadow without shimmer gives it a more natural look.

Her hair was air dried and she’s very lucky to have naturally tamed curly hair! It has just enough volume without overpowering over her tiny frame. It was dyed a dark brown a few months ago, but due to laying in the sun all summer, it was oxidized to a point of natural looking highlights.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Any dark lipstick by Revlon will help recreate this look. Try going for a color that has a matte finish and a lip liner that is identical to the lipstick.