BEAUTY BAR: Lips And Locks

March 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

As you wake in the morning and turn over to check the weather on your phone, you instantly want to turn back over and hit snooze; however, by following a few simple beauty steps, you will be able to sleep in and still conquer the day.

NYFW is occurring and if you caught the Herve Leger 2016 show, you may see the similarities between those models and this Fashionista. French braids are fierce and completely in style. Braids were a forecasted trend, as they were shown in Milan fashion shows in the spring of 2015. The best thing about braiding your hair is that there are so many types of braids to choose from and they can be worn for nearly any occasion.

As you can see here, this Fashionista decided to do a double French braid down the middle of her hair, highlighting the features of her face and harmonizing with her accessories. A perk of doing a tight braid is that your jewelry will be noticeably visible. As you can see here, she uses this to her full advantage, exposing her bold hoop earrings and gold necklace.

The most important thing to remember when creating a look is to choose qualities that feature your true self. This Fashionista is showcasing her bold lips, which works well to complete her neutral-colored outfit. She used soft toned minerals to complement her complexion as well as neutral shades of eyeshadow.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This look is extremely easy to replicate. Many of you are familiar with the Naked Urban Decay palettes that make your everyday look seem as if you got ready to walk the runway. Here, you will see shades from the Naked3 palette, but there are also other palettes containing different shades, depending on what it is that you prefer. Bold lipstick is a broad term; this Fashionista went for a deep lip, but you can also create a bold look by using a darker liner and a paler lipstick. As far as your hair goes, the type of braid you choose can be as dramatic as this tight, double French braid or as simple as a loose front braid woven into your ponytail.