BEAUTY BAR: Lips and Liner

New York City nights can be full of many different events and adventures. Aside from the perfect outfit, a flawless face of makeup can change any look from simple to glamorous. Although this Fashionista was amongst a crowd of other people, she immediately stood out to me. From the perfectly sculpted winged eyeliner, to the impeccable lip, it was obvious why this look caught my eye.

With bare skin other than the slight highlight on her nose, she began her makeup look with her eyebrows. Using the Anastasia Brow Wiz in medium brown along with a clear brow gel, she began to give her brows a deeper tone, and finished them off by carving the perfect shape with an angled brush and a light concealer. Continuing onto her eyes, she started them off by applying a subtle eyeshadow from the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel palette. Next, to create the main statement of the eyes, she used a black liquid eyeliner to draw a dramatic wing, starting on the center of her top eyelid and ending at the center of her waterline. She also adds a nude pencil liner into the corner of her eye for a brightened look. Topping off the eyes she applied a black mascara from Benefit Cosmetics.

Lastly, she decided to intensify the look by using a deep red liquid lipstick. Despite the fact that she was wearing all neutral colors and had a simple hair style, this bold lip altered her entire outfit.

Creating a makeup look is all about what makes you feel confident. It’s a great idea to experiment with many different products and styles in order to find out what fits you and makes you happy. Putting together the perfect face of makeup can enhance your experience at any occasion, making you feel like your best self.