BEAUTY BAR: Lip Liner, the True Definer!

Often we overlook the importance of lip liner. Recently, however, lip liners have been the latest must have. The full, luscious lip has been a popular and craved look to obtain. For example, Kylie Jenner’s lips have drawn a lot of press because of their dramatized look! Anyone can love their lips with a little extra attention to detail. After using lip liner combined with the perfect lipstick, I cannot go with out it. I used a berry lip liner that came with a Sephora make-up box with pink and red glosses and lipstick.

After running into this whimsical Fashionista, I realized quickly that I needed the essential colors to compose a neat, sealed lip. She wore a subtle nude color very well against her brown skin. The liner blended in so well that it was nearly invisible yet it framed her lip color so perfectly. Inspired by her look, I took a trip to ULTA and purchased a brownish-nude color called Nutmeg Muscade.

Upon browsing the store I saw pale pinks, nudes, and scarlet glosses and lipstick perfect for a summery bronzed look. I realized quickly that it is important to buy lip liners that can be paired with multiple lip colors. Not only is it cheaper, it allows room for variety! Lip liners can be perfectly matched with your lip products or used to create ombré. Experiment.
You will love the results! It definitely makes a difference.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, Sephora offers a great nude liner that is compatible with many skin tones. It is also formulated with collagen to fill and smooth lines creating a defined lip shape. For darker colors checkout the NYX Cosmetics Cabaret Slim Lip Pencil and the M A C Pro Longwear the Dark Plum Cream Lip Pencil.
These colors will be great for transitioning to through summer to fall!