BEAUTY BAR: Let’s Talk Lips

Even if you’re not “Kardashian Krazy,” everyone knows about Kylie Jenner’s insane lip transformation. She changes her lip color almost as much as she changes her hair, and we hate to say it, but we love it. Lipsticks are truly in this fall and you can’t go wrong with trying various colors. While the fall leaves have hues of orange and yellow, your lips should be gleaming with shades of deep purple and mauve.

This Fashionista understands her coloring and goes for a deep plum lip which is not too strong against her dark features. When looking for the perfect lip color you have to consider your options. You can choose a creamy shiny lipstick or a light matte lip stain, the options are endless and can often be very overwhelming. When figuring out what to choose, first consider the color and then the gloss/shine/matte situation. If you’re feeling bold try a plum, deep wine red or a nude, which are all very on trend colors for the season. Make sure you consider your skin tone when choosing the right color for you, you definitely want to avoid looking too bright or washed out. This Fashionista pairs her bold makeup look with a cream colored sweater and blue jeans, perfect for the chilly weather. Try avoiding using patterned scarves with a bold lip, just like this Fashionista did with her green scarf. Sometimes, these elements can bring too much to the table! The Fashionista also wore grey booties to perfect the look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve this make-up look, start with a moisturizer and then a foundation primer. Then take a liquid matte foundation for complete coverage and a smooth look. Next take a translucent setting powder to brush onto your face and ensure everything stays in place for the whole day, no smudging or fading! To achieve a bold lip similar to the one seen on this Fashionista, first take a lip primer to keep the color looking bold. Next, apply your color either directly onto your lips or with a brush for a more subtle appearance. Lastly, don’t forget to blot with blotting paper of a tissue to get the excess off your lips and teeth: there is nothing worse than getting lipstick on your teeth!