BEAUTY BAR: Let's Go To The Beach

It seems that Mother Nature is making this summer in the South hotter than usual. The temperatures are in the 90s every day and I don’t know how much more my body can take. And with this heat comes humidity. I feel like I’m basically walking through an aquarium every time I step out of my house. While hot and humid days call for some pretty hideous hair days for me, this Fashionista has learned to live in harmony with the summer weather. Her beach waved hair is to die for.

When it comes to styling your hair in the summer less is definitely more. There is not need for your straightener, curling iron and whatever else you may use to heat (burn) your hair up to 475 degrees. It’s time to give your strands a break and play with your hair’s natural texture. With the use of hair serums and creams you can achieve the “I am a beautiful mermaid goddess from the sea” look with ease.

This Fashionista is giving me total mermaid goddess. Her hair is wavy and highlighted to perfection. She puts her amazing locks at the center of attention by choosing earthy tones that complement her hair color. Her brown dress is great for any summer day. She completes her look with a crystal necklace, a black Nixon watch and a pair of leather sandals. This summer put the hot tools away. Mother Nature is already giving us enough heat. Let your hair ride the “beach waves” instead—why am I so corny?

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, use a salt spray on your damp hair and let it dry. Then use argon oil to keep your hair looking shiny and frizz free all summer long. Finally, make sure your look lasts with a lightweight hairspray.