BEAUTY BAR: Less Is More

April 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

While crazy contouring and over done hair are taking over as the new daily routine for most people, I’m still a fan of that old saying “less is more,” and it truly can apply for your makeup AND your hair. This Fashionista is ahead of the game already showing us that you don’t need to create a new face to go out into the world. Simple, light makeup and a little attention to your hair can go a long way, even on the days you think you may not have the time.

In just a few easy steps you can go from looking sleepy to sensational. For our “less is more” routine start with a face moisturizer and a powder foundation the same shade as your face. After your face is covered and looking natural, apply light eyeshadow in a natural shade that brings out your eye color best, and some light mascara. If you feel you want some eyeliner, add a light line to the top lash line to give the illusion your lashes are longer. Add a thin layer to the bottom on your tear line to create a slightly smokey eye. Finish with a natural light pink or beige lip color and some bronzer and optional blush on the apples of your cheeks. Since this Fashionista is wearing a mostly white romper and beige shoes, she opted for a lighter pink lip color to accentuate her vibrant blue cardigan.

This look is great even if you wear glasses! This Fashionista put a little more detail into her eyes since her glasses would draw people’s attention to that area. If you also wear glasses, or just want some extra attention on your eyes opposed to the lips, you can opt to apply a slightly darker eyeshadow, or an extra layer of mascara to create a more mesmerizing eye look.

To get your hair from bed head to beautiful, take a curling iron or a wand and quickly go through and curl larger sections of hair. Hold the curl in your hand until it is cooled slightly. Letting the curl cool in your hand will help it hold all day! To get the effortless waved look on this Fashionista, shake out your curls and apply a medium hold hairspray. After this you are ready for the day looking effortlessly beautiful!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To best complete this Fashionista’s look you’ll need a curling wand or curling iron, natural eyeshadow, mascara, a natural lip gloss and blush or bronzer to give you a slightly sun-kissed glow.