BEAUTY BAR: Less is Bore

More is more and less is bore-ing. This Fashionista definitely turned heads with her cool and daring makeup. To start the look off, she paraded a soft, smooth and beautiful lipstick color. The color comes off as a chocolatey orange/purple, with a butter texture and an opaque finish with a slight metallic shine. She made use of a brown eyeshadow palette and wore her own personal version of a smokey eye; she used two different shades of brown as well as a beige shade on her lid and crease and finished the look with a little winged liner. The brown shades, along with the liner, really made her blue eyes pop! Last but not least, The Fashionista also displayed bold eyebrows that really pulled the daring look together. Outfit-wise, this Fashionista opted for a more casual outfit for the weekday, wearing a pair of ripped jean shorts, a crop top and a pair of black strappy sandals.

The process of this look is quite quick. To begin, the Fashionista’s first step was applying her Master Concealer on the entirety of her face. She follows this step by choosing a shade from her contour kit to brush right under her cheekbones and then blending with a makeup sponge. She then pencils in her eyebrows and applies the brow gel, in which case she used Physicians Formula 4-in-1 Brow Boosting Kit. From there, she created her own version for eyeshadow, first applying a beige color blending all the way up to the brow, next using the darker brown shade in the crease as well as at the base of the lashes, and finishing it up with a more matte brown smoothing out toward the outer corner of the eye. She then applied the winged eyeliner and mascara, and topped off the look with a brush of blush.

What’s On The BEAUTY BAR: To achieve this look, you will need about 7 or 8 products: L’oreal Collection Exclusive Liyas nude lipstick, a contour and sculpt kit, mascara, brow gel, liquid eyeliner, an eyeshadow palette, blush and concealer.