BEAUTY BAR: Lavender Locks

Fashion has been a creative way to express oneself on an everyday basis. Accessories have gone far and wide to bring a unique touch to outfits, such as Alexander McQueen’s skyscraper tall Armadillo Heels. But when every trend seems to have been exhausted and you stare at your mirror wondering how you can spice up your look, there’s no better answer other than adding the rainbow to your hair. This Fashionista has found a new way to show off her personality.

Granny gray hair has swept through college campuses throughout the United States, but this is a new spin on it. It’s such a simple way to brighten up any outfit, and it’s definitely an eye-catcher on gloomy days. This Fashionista fulfills our cotton-candy-dreams with a flip of her hair. She can easily coordinate her outfits, as she does with her gold sweater, which brings out the lightness of the purple. A quick glimpse from a passerby would remind them of lavender fields.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve these lavender locks, use Sparks Purple Passion hair dye. Since the color is very intense, mix the dye with a color protecting conditioner. Not only will it dilute the mix, but it will also give it the extra protection your hair needs to stay healthy against the chemicals. For those who already have gray/bleached hair, you’re a step ahead and this look will be quicker to get! For those who don’t, carefully bleach out your original hair color to ensure that the vibrancy of the dye will appear.