BEAUTY BAR: Keep It Cool

June 27th, 2016 at 2:00am

Let’s be real, wearing makeup in the heat isn’t exactly all that fun. You plan on going out on a date so you wear the best eyeshadow and foundation you have and BAM, you begin to sweat and it all just goes downhill from there. With that being said, I enjoy the “clean” look while being in my air-conditioned home. However, this Fashionista is killing it and staying cool and collected. Though she does have some great new kicks to go with her look, it’s her eyeshadow and lashes that complete it all.

Finding the perfect shades and colors for the hot summer season could be a drag since humidity is definitely not a woman’s best friend. Therefore, you want to keep it as natural and minimal as possible. Accentuate your best assets and make sure it flatters your outfit; you won’t go wrong by doing that. Since this Fashionista’s outfit is casual, comfortable and all-black, she needs to make it pop with some colorful eyeshadows and bold lashes. With her outfit being a neutral color, it’s easy to find shades and colors that will make her stand out in the crowd. Not only is this Fashionista staying cool, she’s also killing the makeup game.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, you’ll need the Born This Way foundation, the Morphe 35 warm palette, Velour silk lashes, Colorpop liquid lipstick in Midi and last but not least, some Urban Decay setting spray to top it all off. Remember to keep it cool and stay rad!