BEAUTY BAR: Just Wing It

Winter is here! Bundling up and staying warm while trying to staying fashionable may be hard with all the layers. A great way to stay stylist is through bold makeup techniques. Here are a few ways you Fashionistas can enhance your facial features this season.

Winged eyeliner is in full force this year! It brings the attention to your eyes and not just your outfit. This allows you to not only be stylish with your clothes but your whole look! To keep the attention on the eyeliner, you can use a soft color of eye shadow to still brighten your eyes and keep the daring look. Winged eyeliner can seem like a daring trick, but if you do not want to intensify your eye as much feel free to keep it simple with a less dramatic wing. Also, don’t be afraid to YouTube a tutorial on how to do it—how do you think the pros got so good?

A pop of color is just what you need is this snowy weather. With the white snow around you, a bright lip color brings the attention right to the lips. This Fashionista mixed a pink and red lipstick to get a sassy look with her own creative color. So get artistic and make your own personal swatch. You can also line your lip with a lip liner to make your lips look fuller and plump.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: You can get this look by getting a brush tip eyeliner that will help give the swoop effect you want. Also get a subtle eye shadow that won’t take away from your confident eyeliner. Lastly, you will need a bright lip color that will pop with the white snow. I would recommend a vibrant pink or red lipstick or lip stain.