BEAUTY BAR: Just Bowcause

When I was a little girl, wearing a bow in my hair definitely meant a good hair day. But, as I got older, there was a short period when I felt like I outgrew that look. Wearing a bow on top of my head like I had done for years suddenly seemed a little childish. However, with some sleek refinement, I’ve rekindled my love for this hair accessory. There is just something so sweet and innocent about bows that makes them the perfect balance between playful and preppy style. So, even though our playground days are long behind us, don’t let this childhood fashion favorite become a thing of the past as well. Dare to take a bow from youthful lust to chic sophistication.

Quite fittingly, I spotted this Fashionista near the base of Beaumont Tower. She revamped her bow in all the right ways, which completed this casual yet feminine look. Pinning a bow beneath her topknot rather than above helped make it more mature. It’s a cute detail that created a subtle statement in her outfit without coming across as obnoxious or even naive.

This Fashionista polished her preppy ensemble with a neutral, daytime smokey eye and sealed it with a red lip kiss. Natural tones such as soft browns and golds formed a nice blend that highlighted her eyes and were not too harsh under the afternoon sun. Her lipstick was a bold way to complete the look because the sassy red truly popped against her basic eyeshadow palette.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Channel your inner bow-lover and rock a bow in a trendy and delicate way. An easy DIY craft will allow you to get this Fashionista’s look. All you need is ribbon and a bobby pin. Choose a classic white or go for a spunky colored ribbon if it suits your fancy. Simply tie a bow around your bobby pin and you have a new, ready-to-wear hair accessory!