BEAUTY BAR: Just Beachy

Beach waves. We all know that key summer beauty look that seems impossible to attain unless you are actually on a beach. There are a million products that guarantee beach waves and a natural glow for your perfect summer look. However, most make you look like a crunchy mop with an orange tint. Let’s dive in (pun intended) to this Fashionista’s beauty regimen to learn how she perfects her natural summer look.

The secret to her waves is that she actually gets her hair cut with curls in mind. This makes her curls more defined and texturized because they are at different levels. She also added some golden blonde highlights to her hair to make her appearance brighter. Lastly, her secret weapon? This Drybar curling iron actually rotates around your strands to make your curls smooth and frizz-free. The curling iron is one inch. Typically for looser curls (to get that beach wave look), the bigger the curling iron, the better! Bonus points: It only takes the Fashionista about five minutes to achieve this awesome look. To amp up the natural look, she does not curl her whole head and focuses on the bottom and the front. That’s basically the same thing as going head first into the ocean, right?

Now, for the natural glow, this Fashionista has got it covered. She uses a brown mascara rather than black. Why this works? She has brown eyes, so by using brown mascara, it achieves the look of long, natural eye lashes without the harshness of black mascara. Black doesn’t really scream “glow.” Other trade secrets? This Fashionista loves using Kiehl’s face products, prefers oils rather than lotion and only uses Bobbi Brown or NARS lip pencils.

This Fashionista’s favorite summer look is not complete without bright colors and salt watery hair. She strives to be clean, bright and natural with a “Brandy Melville kind of vibe.” A bright dress and metallic sandals keep her summer look easy and cute. She stays cool and fresh even during classes when there’s no ocean in sight.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? To complete this look, use a 1-1.5 inch curling iron and focus on the front and bottom pieces. Keep the look relaxed and natural. Invest in mascara that matches your hair color to keep your lashes long and your eyes glowing. Pass some bronzer on your cheekbones and to add a natural tint to your lips, swipe on a light lipstick.